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100% College Placement

Cambrian Academy students have been accepted to MIT, UC Berkeley, USC, Emory, UC Santa Cruz, U Penn, Rutgers, Temple, Penn State, UCLA, UC Irvine, UC Davis, Suffolk, San Jose State, UC San Diego, Hofstra, St. John's, Pepperdine, UOP, James Madison, Drexel, UC Santa Barbara, UC Merced, Furman University, Clark University, University of Hawaii, UC Riverside, University of Oregon, Oregon State, SUNY, Pomona, Pitzer, George Mason, Georgetown, UNLV, Arizona State, George Washington, UNC (Charlotte and Chapel Hill), Barry, University of Washington, Northern Arizona University, Hawaii Pacific University, Michigan, Colorado State, and many others.

Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Because students learn at different speeds, Cambrian Academy provides a special program for middle school high achievers. Students who are receiving high grades in middle school, and who have a track record of 90th percentile scores on standardized tests, may qualify for special admission. These students may complete the basic middle school requirements at an accelerated pace--and begin high school courses as soon as they are ready.[...]

High School (Grades 9-12)

Are you one of the many who have been asking for a non-religious private high school in the Bay Area? Are you having trouble finding a college prep school that really does college prep? Cambrian Academy provides a college going culture, small class sizes, an incredible faculty, a variety of AP classes and more. [...]

Local and International Students Learning Together

Our highly versatile faculty can accommodate Korean, French, Spanish, and Arabic languages. Our Broadband ESL program is focused on mainstreaming our international students within one year of admission. After mainstreaming, international students continue to receive support from our foreign language experts, delivering the best of both worlds in academic and cultural education--preparing 21st century students to successfully compete in a global economy.  [...]

WASC Commendations

These are some of the commendations we received from the Accrediting Commission for Schools:

-- The school's leadership team and individual staff members are enthusiastic about their work and demonstrate a caring commitment to each individual student's learning.

-- The school's mission and purpose are strongly supported by communications, quality of instruction, teacher accessibility, and the provision of a nurturing environment for learning.

-- The seminar instructional approach strongly supports problem solving and deeper thinking for students at the school.

-- There exists a "can-do" attitude at Cambrian that supports future growth for both the school and its individual students.

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college board

Cambrian International Academy is recognized and registered with the College Board.

Our College Board School Code is 054297.

College BoardCambrian International Academy is an approved AP test administration facility. Students from other schools, who wish to take the AP test at Cambrian International Academy, may contact the school for more information.

In the fall of 2010, CIA received our LEVEL 2 code status with The College Board, which means we can administer the PSAT/NMSQT to our students (and others) on our campus.


Our admissions process evaluates potential students in terms of preparedness and emotional maturity instead of looking simply at age. Students with a track record of strong academic achievement and emotional maturity may begin taking college preparatory courses early. Advanced Placement courses are available to students as early as their first year.

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We had our WASC accreditation review and are approved for both high school and middle school. We are very proud to say that CIA was granted a six-year term of accreditation--the greatest term that the Commission awards. A major benefit to this status is that we are in an official relationship with the UC system, and our courses can be placed on their list of approved courses for credit.

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"The seminar instructional approach strongly supports problem solving and deeper thinking for students at Cambrian Academy."

~Western Assoc. of Schools and Colleges

Our Education Model ensures that all students participate and all students learn. Courses are taught around a table in groups of 4 - 12 students. Teachers are participants in classroom discussions, guiding students without always lecturing.

At Cambrian Academy, you will see an approach and methodology resembling a mix of Oxford University and Philips Exeter Academy. Most classes take place around the Harkness Table made famous by Philips Exeter. This arrangement requires the full engagement of all students and makes learning a more interactive experience.

Harkness Table
Parent Testimonials
I have a son that graduated from CIA and we were both very happy with the staff and the loving environment he experienced. The school had great students that are eager to learn and the teachers would even stay after class to help my son whenever needed.

Mr. Delgado has worked so hard to make this school the best it can be. Having a school that has a smaller class of students was great for my son to get the education he needed.

My son loved the movie nights, bowling days and fun field trips. His graduation ceremony was amazing and everyone was so loving and kind and worked very hard to make it a special day for all the graduates.

We are forever grateful for Cambrian International Academy and the teachers that did such an awesome job at preparing my son for college I feel like "you get what you pay for" and CIA is worth every penny!
Kristy J

My son has been attending this school for about a year and it is the only school that I know of (and I have toured schools all the way from Hillsborough to Santa Cruz) that satisfies all the criteria of being an exceptional school. To name a few:

1. Wonderful passionate teachers
2. Small class size
3. Ability grouping
4. Real differentiation and to top all this - school officials who willingly work with parents! They are caring and willing to do whatever is needed for the child to succeed. This school not only allowed my son to work at his level but also encouraged him to explore new things - like drama and art!

Yes, the buildings are not impressive, there is no massive playground or swimming pool and impressive offices - but this school is forging new pathways in education.

I highly recommend this school.
Smita D

My daughter has been attending Cambrian Academy for the last 18 months. Here are just a few of the many reasons we believe it is the best school in the area.

1) The teachers are incredibly dedicated. Many of them voluntarily and cheerfully give my child extra help during their lunch breaks and after school. They love to teach and it shows in their preparation of subject matter, and enthusiasm.
2) The class sizes are small. My daughter is taking Spanish 3 with one other student. A 2:1 ratio! The average is approximately 10 per class. Students do not sit at individual desks and listen to a lecture given at the front of the class. They sit around a conference table so everyone is fully engaged in the discussions.
3) The administration cares about meeting the needs of every student. Because of the school size. It is able to help nurture each person's strengths while addressing their weaknesses.
4) Students are placed according to ability, not age. This has resulted in some being accelerated by 4 or 5 grades. I no longer worry whether my daughter is being sufficiently challenged in the classroom.
5) Communication from administration and teachers is superb. I cannot recall when my questions or the issues raised went more than a day without a response or resolution. My child's grades, attendance and homework are all accessible online.

Just a few clicks of the mouse and I can view her progress or contact her teachers.
Lisa H

My child attends Cambrian Academy. This school is small and offers a supportive, close community. The teachers are just fantastic. They are passionate, dedicated and masters of their subject area. Class size are small, leading to one on one attention and an individuated curriculum. A variety of AP subjects, dedicated college prep classes, choir, band, drama, tennis, golf are just some of the great features of this school.

The founders are easy to communicate with and have always addressed my questions and allowed us to make our child thrive in this environment.

I would especially recommend this school for gifted kids. They would be really challenged! A school guaranteed to let your child get into the college of his/her choice.

One other thing that I love about this school, there is no bullying, mean behavior that seems common in other middle/high schools!
Sara V

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