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Music at Cambrian

Cambrian Academy offers unique opportunities for students to excel in music studies outside of their regular school schedules. We have experienced teachers who offer Choir, Stage Band & Ensemble Band.

Beginning or Advanced Choir

A full year course designed to provide an atmosphere for the enjoyment, appreciation and performance of all types of choral music. The instruction and improvement of voice quality, intonation, ability to read music, ability to sight-sing, and the overall development of musicianship is stressed in conjunction with the learning of each piece of music. The Choir performs at evening concerts and also at graduation and other special events. Attendance at these performances and dress rehearsals are a course requirement.

Stage Band

Standard instrumentation includes trumpets, trombones, saxophones, keyboard, guitar, bass guitar, drum set and auxiliary percussion. Music will be selected from Jazz, Latin, Rock and Swing styles within the context of a "Big Band." Stage Band will meet during the regular school day, and students are required to participate in a winter and spring concert as well as graduation and other special events.

Ensemble Band

This introductory group meets one time each week. Students learn the techniques of playing instruments in a group, working to develop ensemble and solo performances. Tonal quality and technical facility are developed. Students discuss and constructively comment on their own performances and on the performances of the band. Standard instrumentation includes piano, strings, and woodwinds.

Stage Band