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Cambrian Academy re-opens for in-person teaching September 22, 2020 under the Reopening of Santa Clara County K-12 Schools for the 2020-2021 School Year protocols. Remote Learning will remain available for students who are at-risk or who have at-risk household members.

Cambrian Academy has a great Remote Learning program, so learning never stops.

Openings for NEW IN-PERSON students are available.


Good news. We reopened on campus June 15 for the summer program, and all has gone very well with the small group of students.

With the newly released guidelines for school reopening, it is now clear that we are prepared to begin the fall semester on time and on campus. Remote learning may continue for any at-risk students or students with at-risk family members.

Knowing how the guidelines fit with our size and configuration, we may also reopen admissions for a small number of new students.

This also means that we are being inundated with questions from families who are currently at schools that will not reopen on campus. Please bear with us, and we will reply to inquiries as soon as possible.

JULY 31, 2020:
This "reopened" registration period for those who want to start the year on campus, has closed.
Massive amounts of planning for each possible scenario have begun this morning with our final student count. Applications received after today will go on our waiting list. We expect to be able to add more studetns to the Remote Learning program, while waiting for the situation that will allow a full return to on campus leraning.

AUGUST 10, 2020
All registered families are now receiving updates via private messaging.

March 2020
Cambrian Academy students continue learning without interruption.

Students in Grades 5-12 quickly transitioned from sitting in a classroom to sitting in a virtual classroom. The learning continues.

Why were we prepared for this? We are a small school that cares about every student. We have had students with serious allergies and immune system issues, so the student body already practiced health safety--washing hands, sanitizing, and knowing the difference between personal space, social space, and protected space. Now we just need to change the vocabulary to Social Distancing. We have also had top student-athletes who needed to travel during the school year, so we already had some Remote Learning in place. Finally, our average class size has always been around 8, with a maximum of 12, so when reopening we can make the adjustments that larger schools cannot.

JUNE 2020

OPEN for Summer

We reopened for the summer program on June 15. The first session has filled, but there are still a few spaces available in the second session that begins July 13. Remote learning will continue for any at-risk students or students with at-risk family members. [Summer Info]


As the reality of the fall term is beginning to sink in, there has been a spike in interest in small private schools. Our class size has always been no more than 12, so we are ready. We will not face as many complications as larger schools, public or private.

Not only are we prepared to reopen, we are prepared to continue remote learning where necessary. At-risk students, students with at-risk household members, and students with travel or visa issues will also be starting the fall term on time.

We are fully accredited as a secondary school, so middle schoolers who take their Algebra 1 or Geometry with us can receive actual high school credit when we start their high school transcript, rather than having to re-take it or test out of it. Some of our middle schoolers are completing Algebra 2 and Precalculus for credit. Because we place students by ability, not by age, this is true for all advanced subjects.

We are not open for in-person visitors who should be sheltering in place, but we do respond to phone calls and email messages. For interested parents and students, we have prepared an online virtual shadow day/tour.

Keep learning, and stay well!

Best regards,
Dave Delgado

Today, SEVP issued new requirements for SEVP approved schools. If your current school does not meet those requirements or has not yet made the decisions, you need to quickly find an SEVP approved school that will be open for in-person teaching this fall. All I-20's must be updated by such a school before August 4. We are accepting transfers, but space is limited. We intend to remain small and to remain open. Contact, and requests will be considered and processed in the order received. NOTE: Although the news indicates this requirement has been rescinded, schools have not received such notice from SEVP. We will stay on top of the issue as it continues to evolve.