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Why are high schools removing Economics from graduation requirements?
What is wealth? What is money? What is value? What is currency? What is fiat currency?

Why would parents allow this? Why would parents want their children to be ignorant and unable to navigate the economics of the future? How can that be done without understanding economics of the past?

What is inflation? When asked, 9 out of 10 adults tell me it is rising prices. That demonstrates a serious failure of our education system, as well as the success of misleading propaganda.

Recently, some Millennials must have read a book such as The Big Short (or maybe just watched the movie) and used that knowledge to beat the hedge funds at their own game. On the one hand, it is awesome to see such a clear and powerful example of the application of such knowledge. On the other hand, it has exposed what can happen when the government permits certain privileged individuals and organizations to loan and borrow non-existent value. 

What is Fractional-Reserve Banking? Is the value of gold changing, or is it a change in the value of fiat currency? 

Are students learning enough about computer logic and the Internet to understand Blockchain technology--both its benefits and risks? Will they be able to make informed decisions about cryptocurrency, or will they just follow the crowd?

With the printing and distribution of trillions of new fiat dollars, the dollars in your pocket and bank account will quickly lose their value. A basic and solid understanding of value, money, wealth, currency, history, and government will enable our graduates to more successfully navigate some of the major changes on the horizon. Those left ignorant may also be left broke.

It must be taught now, because it isn't being required in college.

Among our graduation requirements:
High School Economics (1 semester)
Economics Seminar (1 semester)

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