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English Language Development
What is Broadband ESLâ„¢?

It is not only for foreign students...

ESL I, ESL II, and ESL III all in one year! It is our goal to mainstream ESL students by the end of their first year with us. After that, our foreign language specialists work closely with them to ensure they are getting the most out of Cambrian Academy's courses. It is truly a turbocharged program.

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Public Speaking

ESL Students not only have to learn proper English usage, they need to become comfortable speaking before an audience. Beginning, intermediate, and advanced ESL students prepare and deliver speeches in English.

The public speaking class (shown at right) combines several groups to create a large audience. Students are evaluated on BOTH their speaking and listening skills. The ESL classes, themselves, are made up of 3-8 students who work very closely with the teacher.

Students learn to handle their challenges with a sense of humor. All students speak only English during all class times, so consequently they develop a sense of confidence very quickly.

So, what about local students?

Bilingual students growing up in local English-speaking schools, often don't get the proper education they need or deserve. Because they seem fluent in conversational English, their teachers may not realize that they still need to become fluent in academic English. Such students may seem to be doing "good enough" work in school until they reach the middle school or high school level. At that point, they begin underperforming, and teachers label them with learning disabilities, and the students begin to believe that their intelligence really is below average.

Having not mastered academic language in either their native language or English, an important foundation has not been built. Many of these students simply need the proper remediation in order to succeed. Because Cambrian Academy is also an international school, we are equipped to build academic language skills from the ground up. Give us a call to see how we can help.