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Our typical class size is between 8 and 12 students -- 12 is the maximum.

To maintain the highest quality possible, we are limiting our middle school admissions to 10 per grade level.

Specialized Sports

Students who are aiming for college scholarships in golf or tennis can participate in our specialized golf or tennis programs. We can refer you to a coach or work your child's class schedule around a current coach's program.

No time for fun?

Does our academic nature mean that students have no time for fun? Of course, not! Learning in groups of 6 to 10 students ensures quick and solid learning. The teachers know the strengths and weaknesses of each individual child, and this powerful recipe for success allows students to learn much more in less time.


"This year was a complete success as far as Jenna's schooling is concerned. I had to deal with unpleasantry when I broke my enrollment contract at her previous school and practically coerced her to transfer to Cambrian. Your kindness and support toward Jenna have given me ample reason to believe that I took the correct course of action."

"This school is small and offers a supportive, close community. The teachers are just fantastic. They are passionate, dedicated and masters of their subject area. Class sizes are small, leading to one on one attention and an individualized curriculum. A variety of AP subjects, dedicated college prep classes, choir, band, drama, tennis, golf are just some of the great features of this school."

"My son has been attending this school for about a year and it is the only school that I know of ( and I have toured schools all the way from Hillsborough to Santa Cruz) that satisfies all the criteria of being an exceptional school."

"I have a son that graduated from CIA and we were both very happy with the staff and the loving environment he experienced. "

Middle School Program
High Achievers

Because students learn at different speeds, Cambrian Academy provides a special program for middle school high achievers.

Students who are receiving high grades in middle school, and who have a track record of 90th percentile scores on standardized tests, may qualify for special admission. These students may complete the basic middle school requirements at an accelerated pace--and begin high school courses as soon we determine they are ready.

Not Your Typical Middle School Program

Our middle school students are a unique breed.

They are students who are in school to learn. They are here to prepare for our highly academic College Preparatory program, and they don't want to be held back by 30 other students vying for the teacher's attention. Their parents place a tremendous value on education.

This is a Grade 6-12 program, so there is no Grade 8 graduation. We focus on Grade 12 graduation from the very beginning.

Mastery Based

As we reported to the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) during our accreditation inspection, student progress is based on mastery, not seat time. Our middle school students are immersed in a combination of review and accelerated learning that ensures they will enter our College Preparatory program with a solid foundation and usually some advanced credit.


It's highly probable that there are some significant gaps in your child's English skills. American schools have been failing students in this area for a long time. Communication is the cornerstone not only of good education, but also a major factor in success as an adult.

Our students will read and write like they have never done before. They will learn to comprehend and communicate both concrete and abstract concepts. They will be expected to develop a vocabulary significantly greater than the average native English speaker. They will be prepared to study more sophisticated subjects with confidence.


Our history teachers are intimately familiar with the ultimate outcome we want our students to achieve. Students come to middle school with a basic introduction to US History (4th grade) and Geography and World History (2nd-5th grades). Our US and World History survey classes are designed to prepare the students to take AP Geography, AP World History, and AP US History.


Our integrated science curriculum covers introductions to biology, physics, and Earth science. In these courses, middle school students become quite capable of exploring high school level topics. This, combined with the appropriate level of math mastery, will prepare students for AP science courses, as well as allow them to enroll in high school level science classes before entering grade 9.

For example, we offer students the opportunity to take HS Biology instead of the typical MS Life Science class. These students quickly discover that with a little extra work they can do as well as the older high school students. We enjoy seeing this produce a legitimate boost in self-confidence, and a stronger interest in science. If the student gets an A or a B, that course can be carried forward onto the high school transcript when the student enters grade 9.


A good student can memorize his or her way through elementary school math. Our teachers will find out if your child truly understands the concepts behind the math. Most of the basic concepts are simply recycled at higher and higher levels and should be solid before stepping into abstract math.

A 21st Century student, who wishes to work toward a career in the sciences, should be ready for Algebra 2 or higher by freshman year. Period.


Music and Art help define the classical well-rounded student. They will NEVER be cut from Cambrian Academy's curriculum.

We find the artistic aptitude in every student. Visual Arts include painting, drawing, sculpting, computer graphic design, AutoCAD, video production, and more. Performing arts include drama, stage band, choir, audio engineering, and more.