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International School

Working Toward College in the US

The International School at Cambrian Academy is the school for students who want to study in the United States and get into some of the best 4-year universities in the world. We have many years of experience with the international admissions process at top colleges and universities. You will stand out as an exceptional applicant.

Focus on English Language

Cambrian Academy provides all levels of ESL, so English mastery is not required for admission. You will learn from native English speakers with expertise in teaching English as a second language, as well as from your peers on campus.

You will become comfortable with public speaking--something that even native speakers have difficulty with.

International Community Service

Through our ties with Rotary International, our Interact students participate in local and international community service projects that are recognized and respected by university admission staff.

Admission to Grade 12 is always considered tentative.

Graduation from high school and admission to college entails some specific requirements. Examples of such requirements are a full year of standard English classes as well as one semester each of civics and economics. If a tentative Grade 12 student is not prepared to complete all the requirements in one year, the placement will be changed to Grade 11, and the student will need to prepare for and complete the requirements in two years.

A TOEFL score of 80 or higher is required for Grade 12 admission consideration.

As stated on the application, the goal for our graduates is admission to a well-recognized four-year college/university.

Limited space is available for students who need to start late or mid-year.

It is important to note that you are enrolling in a full course of study as stated on Form I-20.

  • I certify that I seek to enter or remain in the United States temporarily, and solely for the purpose of pursuing a full course of study at the school named on page 1 of this form. (Form I-20, sec. 11)
Students who enter at the second term are committing to a full course of study, not just a single semester. Cambrian Academy does not enroll students, nor issue Form I-20, for single semesters. Please make sure you understand the terms of your enrollment before arrival in the United States.

International Program Application Process
International Students (I-20 visas)

Our Broadband ESL program is focused on mainstreaming our international students within one year of admission. After mainstreaming, international students continue to receive support from our foreign language experts, delivering the best of both worlds in academic and cultural education--preparing 21st century students to successfully compete in a global economy.

A coordinated effort ensures that all students work steadily toward high school graduation--with the goal of obtaining admission to the college of their choice.

Application Details

Upon receiving an application from a prospective student, Cambrian Academy determines if the student fully meets our criteria for admission and has adequate funds to meet the expenses of the program of study.

Contact International Admissions

Steps to Apply for Grades 6 to 12


The best way to get started is to send an inquiry email to We will then guide you through the following process. You do not need an agent to apply to our program. However, if you choose to use an agent, make sure it is someone you trust, as you accept responsibility for any mistakes they might make.

Initial Paperwork 2024-2025

  • Application form for 2024-2025 (Please complete online, and then print.)
    Click for form
    The packet contains the Application Form and the I-20 Info Request Form, as well as instructions.
  • Verification of Name and Date of Birth
    (passport or other acceptable ID)
  • Financial Statement
    Ask your bank. They will know what you need if you say it is for a student visa applicaition.

Supporting Documentation from previous foreign school

  • Academic Records
  • Any letters of recommendation
  • Standardized Test Information

When we receive a complete application (all the items above) we will send...

  • Invoice for Registration, SEVIS, and Testing Fees
  • Enrollment Contract for You to Sign and Return


Once a student has met the standards for admission, we record specific biographical and financial information about the student in SEVIS that will be necessary to issue a Form I-20, "Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student." We will verify receipt of the required deposit and signed Enrollment Contract. Then you will receive the following via DHL:

  • Acceptance Letter
  • Receipt with account balance
  • Enrollment Contract (signed by school official)
  • I-20
  • I-901 Receipt
  • Checklist of remaining steps
  • Information about setting your Consular interview
  • Residence/Homestay information (if requested)

Your follow-up responsibility

Contact your local U.S. Consulate to schedule an interview appointment. Be sure to submit your completed DS-160 Application and pay the necessary fees. While waiting for your interview, study the information we sent you about the interview process. Failing the interview for lack of preparation or attempted fraud is not a reason for issuing refunds. When you have completed your Consular interview, let us know the results immediately. If for any reason your visa is denied, we can examine the reason and possibly help.

  • Notify Cambrian Academy of the interview results.
  • Notify Cambrian Academy of your arrival date
  • Notify Cambrian Academy of your flight information and port of entry.
  • Send in your Signed Health Form (Including Immunization info)
    Click for form

  • Come to school.
  • Check in with the DSO at school.