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International School Tuition and Fees
TUITION 2024-2025

This tuition rate applies only to applications that have been accepted with Payment 1 received before MARCH 31, 2024.
Application (per applicant)
-- Required before a student's application can be processed
-- Non-refundable
I-20 Processing Fee
-- We pay the I-901 Fee and complete the form properly
-- This prevents errors that can delay the process
-- Also covers DHL shipping and advising
-- Non-refundable

We understand that you know the actual I-901 Fee is only $350. Our Processing Fee covers that plus the work we do creating the I-20, making sure everything has been entered properly, monitoring the Consulate interview process, creating a Consulate support letter and providing advice if you are denied the first time, and the extra back and forth time if you choose to involve an agent in your application process.
Supplemental (Grades 6-12)
-- Academic field trips and special assemblies
-- Textbook usage
-- Consumable workbooks and paperback novels
-- Testing
-- Technology
-- Yearbook
-- Graduation
Total due for the school year:
Here is the payment breakdown and schedule:
The Application Fee is paid when you submit your completed application.
Initial Acceptance: (1st Payment)
If we have received a complete application, and have determined that the student is qualified for admission, you will receive an enrollment contract to sign and return along with an invoice for the following:

- $650.00 SEVIS Processing Fee (non-refundable)
- $3,000.00 payment toward the balance of the contracted amount. (non-refundable)

The Acceptance Packet that follows will include everything you need to set an interview appointment at your local Consulate. The only exception that may allow for a partial or full refund is failure to obtain an F-1 visa after a documented good-faith effort. So be absolutely certain that you understand the terms of the enrollment contract and the instructions stated on the invoice, as well as the instructions that appear again on the Acceptance Packet.
Balance Due (Final Payment for the school year)
-- Due by the date specified on your invoice, after passing your F1 interview*
-- Must be received before your 30-day travel window opens.
-- Holds a place in class
-- Non-refundable

* MAY 1, on the standard enrollment schedule. In some cases, more than one interview may be required as a part of the student's good-fatih effort to obtain an F-1 visa. Therefore the final payment due date may be adjusted at Cambrian Academy's discretion.
Please note:

NOTE: Your tuition rate does not change after we have processed your application and received your first payment. However, due to projected rapid inflation, applications not received and processed before the date shown to the left, may become subject to an increased tuition rate.

Continuing students are offered a discounted rate each year during the priority re-enrollment period.

There is no guarantee of space availability once the school year has begun. Space is limited.
Class credits for students who start late will be evaluated by the admissions office.

Instead of charging thousands more for after-care, we take care of your children until you can pick up. Just like some of you, we work all day. Check with the office for details and to discuss your scheduling needs.

*The Supplemental fee covers the basics listed in the table. Optional field trips may require additional fees. This fee is also non-refundable.

Also not included are: AP testing fees, supplies for specialty electives, extra-curriculuar clubs, racing team fees, golf team fees, and tennis team fees. Visit the school office for details.

Budgeting for the year: The Student Council runs fundraisers during the year such as a snack cart, movie nights, and dances.