Cambrian Academy

Advanced Middle School,
College Prep High School

Private and independent - No Common Core, No inappropriate content, only a clear mission

True College Prep

Full guidance and planning are included in our program. Parents do not need to pay for outside consultants, test prep, or additional learning centers.

Middle School

Students are placed in classes by ability, not by age. Students may attempt advanced classes without risk, accumulating high school credits early.

High School

High standards and excellent support. 100% of our grads have been accepted to college--most with multiple offers, most with scholarship offers, and some complete a four-year degree in only three years. (2009-2024)

About Us

Founded in 2008, Cambrian Academy is the school for students who wish to be well prepared for admission to and success in top four-year colleges and universities. In addition to strong academic preparation, we provide a unique class specially designed to help students through the college selection and application process. Cambrian Academy parents do not need to spend extra for learning centers or outside consultants to make sure their children get into great colleges. 100% of our graduates have been accepted to college--all with multiple offers and most with some sort of scholarship assistance. (2009-2024)

Keeping our enrollment capped and class sizes between four and twelve students provides many benefits.  No student is left behind. Help is always available when needed. This allows us to know every student. The staff will know more about each student's strengths and interests than many other people in his or her life. A student couldn't hope for better advocates to write college recommendations.

More than just a private school

Middle School (6-8)

Opportunity to Excel with Caring Support

Every individual student has one or more areas of special academic strength. We will find it and let it grow! We don't PUSH students, we simply don't hold them back. By allowing students as young as 9 years old to attempt high school level classes without risk, expert teachers awaken motivation and allow the healthy development of a strong and efficacious self-confidence that cannot be taken away.

Academic success is celebrated, and bullies need not apply! 

High School (9-12)

What is College Preparatory?

This is much more than simply a High School program. 

OUR MISSION is to prepare our students to enter the universities of their choice; to prepare them to acquire the knowledge, skills, and character to enjoy happy, productive lives.

Getting students into top universities is NOT enough. Being prepared for success in college is crucial. Being prepared for life is the endgame. Our vision for every single student reaches far beyond the High School diploma.

Fully Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges

Expert Faculty

Most of our core faculty has been with us for 10 or more years. Each faculty member is expert in multiple subjects to ensure a well-articulated education experience.

Small Classes

Students learn quickly and thoroughly when classes range in size between 4 and 12 students. We want students to retain what they learn so it will serve them well later.

AP, Honors, and Extra-curricular

Students learn to enjoy volunteer work for its own sake, while accumulating an impressive collection of AP and College Dual-Enrollment credit.

Outstanding Results

Higher graduation standards prepare Cambrian Academy grads for success in top Universities and beyond. The Cambrian Academy Diploma carries recognized added value.

Student Life Photos & Videos

This slider provides a glimpse into student life. Music and Art will always be a part of the program. Science is studied not only in our 2,000 sq. ft. indoor lab, but also on a section of the Guadalupe River that flows through our campus and on a specialized science research vessel on the Bay, as well as trips to labs and venues at which we enjoy some special privileges.
Videos can be seen on our desktop site.

Click here to hear what our 2023 Valedictorian has to say about the academic and social life at Cambrian Academy.

Annual Tuition


$ 19,500

per year
Locked in at time of enrollment


$ 20,500

per year
Locked in at time of enrollment

Contact Us

For more information or to enroll, contact us by phone or email. 
Currently, much more information is available on our full desktop site.
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4340 Almaden Expressway, San Jose, CA 95118, USA

About the Health and Safety Protocols

Since before the pandemic, we have kept our students healthy with a variety of common sense practices, many of which have recently received greater public attention. During the pandemic, Departments of Health and other related entities have recommended or required additional protocols, some of which include experimental medical interventions which according to State, Federal, and International Law cannot be mandated without Informed Consent. Our families are allowed time to become Informed before deciding whether or not to Consent. As a small school, we have the flexibility to provide alternative layers of protection to maintain the health of our student body.