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Online Math
Don't think it is easy just because it starts out online.

Whether you need to re-take a math class or you want to complete one early, this hybrid program is the best way to get it done.

Part One: You will be assigned an account. When you log in for the first time, you will be given a short tutorial on how to enter your answers into the program, and you will be given an initial assessment. This assessment will eliminate from the program those concepts you have already mastered. Next you will be shown a pie chart of all the concepts you will need to learn to complete the class. This program allows you to pick and choose concepts that the system thinks you are ready to learn. Simple tutorials are available for each concept, and this will help you to quickly cut the list of concepts down to those you need teacher help with.

Part Two: You will then work with a teacher at our San Jose campus four days per week for four weeks. When you complete the program, you will be issued a letter grade based on your percentage completion and a transcript with transferable credit.

ALEKS is the only online program we've found that is smart enough to know if the student is doing his/her own work. The artificial intelligence engine was designed at the University of California, and this same program is used at many colleges and universities, including UC. This year a Cambrian Academy graduate told us ALEKS was used for her general chemistry class at the University of Oregon. Therefore, we can say that familiarity with this system will be helpful in many ways. The student will receive a chart indicating which State standards have been met. As an accredited secondary school, Cambrian Academy can issue transferrable credit for completion of courses when verified in person by our teaching staff.