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Cambrian Academy is open for in-person and remote learning, and we expect to remain open.

Over the last two years, many students have been given "passing" grades while schools were closed or barely functioning. For over a decade, Cambrian Academy has welcomed students from surrounding schools and prepared them for success in the coming school year. Validating past academics and preparing for the coming year are now more important than ever. Do you really know what was skipped when your child was given a grade of CR when schools were closed, or whether that current A is valid when their school is teaching remotely on a partial schedule?




Over the last two summers, it became very clear to us that many surrounding schools had difficulty completing the usual curriculum.

Giving a student an A or CR does not replace the lost knowledge. We put in the extra hours filling knowledge gaps (especially in math) so that students could complete the summer classes they had signed up for.

There can be little doubt that even greater gaps have developed in math skills, as many schools taught remotely on modified schedules, while doing their best to comply with ever changing COVID mandates.

Having already been caring for student health and safety, Cambrian Academy has continued in-person instructions, and we maintain protocols that exceed the requirements of the Departments of Health.

4 Classes per Week • Monday-Thursday • 9:00am to Noon
ENGLISH - 4 Sessions per Week

Students will hone their English grammar and composition skills using a combination of the Warriner's series and our own proprietary materials. We cover the essay styles essential to future success. FOCUS: Reading & Composition

...but mostly COMPOSITION
Writing, writing, and then writing some more.

ENGINEERING - Music Production
Experience our 16-Track Recording Studio

Musicians and non-musicians alike will have fun learning how to record, modify, and mix tracks to create a studio-quality finished product. This class will make music and record music. Specific projects will vary with the existing skills of each group, but all students will learn about how processing and recording equipment works.

Stage band and recording studio veterans will teach you how to plan and create a professional quality, multi-track recording.


You can add an afternoon session for only $300 more.

4 Classes per Week • Monday-Thursday • 1:00pm to 2:30pm
ENGLISH - Yes, Grammar Matters
Students will be introduced to the forgotten art of sentence diagramming.

Instead of identifying parts of speech as independent floating abstractions, students learn to focus on the function of the words and their roles in the actual meaning of the sentence. Clarity and precision of writing will improve dramatically.

Later on, we all have a good laugh at the humorous result of poor syntax--when the entire meaning is changed if the words are not in the correct order.
Invaluable for future writers, programmers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, etc.

MATH - Algebra and Geometry Foundations
For this review class, both topics have been divided into 10 major key concepts.

Students can select from those that may have seemed difficult in the preceding year and be better prepared for the next level. Students may also get a look ahead at the math they will be starting in the fall.
MUSIC - Guitar Lessons (Rock and Popular)
New guitar players are often frustrated with the amount of time and practice required before they are playing the songs they enjoy.

These lessons will allow guitar players to enjoy the instrument right away. Most Rock and Blues songs consist of only three chords requiring only two fingers, and most Popular songs use the same four chords over and over.

Students should already have their own guitar, but they will have the opportunity to play on our high-end equipment, including a full Marshall stack.
Our most popular summer offering combines online preparation with four weeks of in-class, personalized follow-up instruction. Whether you are in need of math CREDIT REPAIR or seeking ADVANCED CREDIT not offered by your own school, this is a highly effective program. Not only do our students regularly demonstrate mastery, they earn a full year's credit that will transfer back to their own school.


  • Four to six weeks before the start of the in-class session, you will receive access to an online program. When you log in for the first time, you will be given a short tutorial on how to enter your answers into the program, and you will be given an initial assessment.

    This assessment will eliminate from the program those concepts you have already mastered. Next you will be shown a pie chart of all the concepts you will need to learn to complete the class. This program allows you to pick and choose concepts that the system thinks you are ready to learn. Simple tutorials are available for each concept, and this will help you quickly cut down the list of concepts to those still requiring teacher help.

  • You will then work with a teacher at our San Jose campus four days per week for four weeks. When you complete the program, you will be issued a letter grade based on your percentage completion and a transcript with transferable credit.

    Cambrian Academy is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, and these courses are UC approved, so they will transfer as full credit.
Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Precalculus, IM 1, IM 2, IM 3

Integrated Mathematics II focuses on quadratic functions, probability, advanced geometry, and introductory trigonometry.

Integrated Mathematics III focuses on extending algebra and functions (including radicals, rational expressions, polynomial functions, logarithmic functions, sequences and series), trigonometry, and probability.



Did you receive a C, D, or F in a core class last semester?
Do you want to take the standard class so you qualify for the AP in the fall?

We can offer selected online courses that are supervised and proctored by Cambrian Academy faculty. Learning is asynchronous, assistance is available, and all exams are proctored to validate the credit earned. Students repeating a course for a better grade can typically complete a single semester during the summer. The ambitious student who is trying to get further ahead may be able to complete a full-year course during the summer. All courses are UC approved and NCAA listed.

World History, Part 1
World History, Part 2
US History, Part 1
US History, Part 2
American Government
Biology, Part 1
Biology, Part 2
Chemistry, Part 1*
Chemistry, Part 2*
* Lab kit: additional $198

9:00am to NOON
(Students who have demonstrated initiative need only be on campus for proctored tests.)

Highlights of summer classes for international students:

  • Math : Summer math will focus on developing the student's abstract math skills by reviewing the basic mathematical relationships and moving into algebraic applications. International students will begin learning the academic English necessary to succeed. Pre-algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2
  • Music Production, Band, Tennis: Music and Sports are a great way to round out the day. Students can join the stage band if they already play an instrument or sing. Our 16-Track recording studio is open to students who want to learn more about music production and sound engineering. Eagle-Fustar Tennis provides on-site lessons for students who are developing a strong tennis game.
  • ESL - 4 mornings a week: Our intensive ESL program was specially designed for students from our foreign sister schools. Our Oxford ESL workbooks relate the student's native language to the English lesson of the day, allowing students to hone their skills more quickly. Students will also practice English phonics and accent reduction.

    The four-week session will end with the students preparing a video speech to send home to their families.

    International students will have the opportunity to attend classes and activities with Cambrian Academy's local students and gain friendships that will later span the globe.
  • English Prep for Mainstream Classes: This class provides some of the academic vocabulary to help students make the transition to the mainstream, including important vocabulary for science and math.

9:00am to 2:30pm
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Summer international students include those of our own regular school year students here on I-20 visas, and also students who may be here with parents when enrollment is incidental to their approved presence. We do not issue I-20 visas for summer programs or single semesters.